10 major Airlines which are flying from Hong Kong International Airport
10 major Airlines which are flying from Hong Kong International Airport

10 major Airlines which are flying from Hong Kong International Airport

The world is lifting restrictions from travel very slowly, so these are some of the major airlines which have started flying from the Hong Kong International Airport

In the month of December 2019, COVID-19 has been spreading across the globe, which causes the world to shut down. And the one major industry which gets affected is the travel industry. All of a sudden the travel industry breaks down.

Air Services have currently started flying from Hong Kong International Airport

 The flights reduced more than 99 percent, which causes a huge loss for the Travel industry. 

Air Traffic statistics reports show that in the month of April 2020 only 9,449 flights seem to fly and it is a decrease of 7.5 percent.

 As we are moving towards summer, a number of countries are beginning to ease and many air services are resuming and start working on International routes. But the travelers still have to undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine. This is only for those which get currently granted entry.

The flights have been working but with all precautionary measures.

According to the latest news, some of the International flights will start resuming from 1st July from HKIA. Definitely the prices will remain the same and the passenger will provide printed boarding passes and tagged baggage for their final destination.

 If you are interested to know which popular airlines are being routed and which countries are allowing international visitors, read on to find which carriers are commencing in Hong Kong.


Due to COVID-19 Virgin Atlantic has partially reduced its flight schedule. This UK carrier announced this month that it will be resuming its services from London Heathrow to New York, Orlando, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and Shanghai.

virgin atlantic air service

From August 2020, this airline also confirmed its plan to restart its flights to 17 additional destinations. Virgin Atlantic also revealed some of its safety measures for both crew and passengers. Like many other airlines, it also offers advanced hygiene procedures to every passenger. 


The US carrier is planning to resume some of its international services in the months of July and August which was earlier deferred due to the corona virus pandemic. United Airlines said that COVID-19 continues to have an important impact on aircraft and travel business.

united airlines starting air service for hong kong country

According to reports, the increase of flights between Hong Kong to San Francisco is five times a week in July, United Airlines also offering flights to Singapore, London and Washington, and Chicago.


Qatar Airways had been the largest airline in the world over the past three months and operated 15,000 flights and gradually expanded its network to over 40 destinations. Qatar Airways is currently operating its route three times a week.

one of famous air lines qatar airlines start flights service for hong kong

Qatar Airways has also introduced adjustable booking policies. These policies will allow an unlimited change in dates. To avail of these policies, you have to follow some terms and conditions. Tickets booked up to December 2020 will remain valid for 2 years.


Swiss International Airlines conducted its first flight out of Hong Kong on June 4 with an air shuttle confirming that it will now operate twice a week from Hong Kong. The airliner has been constantly expanding its network and planning to promote up to 190 flights from Zurich, Geneva to 41 European destinations.

swiss international airlines service for hong kong

The amplification will take place over the coming months, and will be focused on some major cities like London, Amsterdam, Paris, Milan, and many more European cities.

According to its new schedule, the flight will operate twice a week to Hong Kong; it currently manages flights to Singapore, Bangkok, and thrice a week to Mumbai. The carrier is also giving permission to extend the trips until December 30, 2021.


Singapore national carrier announced this month that it would reschedule the flights to many cities. Including the routes to Hong Kong,  Auckland,  Amsterdam,  Adelaide, Brisbane, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Cebu, Medan, Melbourne, and Osaka.

singapore airlines service for hong kong

 A complete list of all the destinations which are going to revive. The airline also made various changes to ensure the safety of the crew and passengers.


Lufthansa air carrier intends to resume its flights in the month of July between Hong Kong and Frankfurt.

Lufthansa air carrier intends start air service for hong kong

The airline also allows its rebooking fees; travelers will also be able to rebook a new travel date till 31 December 2021.


Flights between Japan and Hong Kong are currently halted as far now. Only one flight per week schedule between Hong Kong and Tokyo. The airline stated that they are planning to fly more International flight routes in July and August to support the passengers who want to come to Japan.

japan air start air lines for hong kong country

The flights will schedule to Hong Kong, routes include Los Angeles, Chicago, Vancouver, Bangkok, London, Jakarta, and a few more.

To know more about safety measures and details of the flexible booking, checkout Japan airlines websites.


The airline is now flying between Hong Kong and Dubai three times a week but following the consideration of the UAE government to lift restrictions on transit passenger services.

emiraties air service for hong kong

In the coming weeks, Emirates also includes ten cities back to its network which are London, Manchester, New York, Dublin, Toronto, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Paris, Zurich, and Madrid.

BRITISH AIRWAYS The UK airways are currently flying five times a week between Hong Kong and London Heathrow. There will be mandatory 14-days quarantine for all arrivals to the UK.

Likewise other airlines, British Airways are enabling you to change the booking dates and destination for no change fee. You can travel up to April 2022. If you wish to cancel your ticket, you can, but completely in exchange for a voucher.


At present, Air Canada is operating four flights a week between Hong Kong and Vancouver. It is expected that it will increase this in the month of July and August.

air canada start air service for hong kong after covid

Air Canada has also announced that it will be increasing flights and the destination within Canada, the US, the Pacific, Atlantic, Caribbean, and Mexico.

Air Canada is also offering booking flexibility; you can make changes according to your conveniences. In exchange for cancellation you can transfer your amount into an Air Canada voucher which has no expiry.


Hong Kong airways have regularly flown in and out of the city throughout the COVID-19 but at a much-reduced rate. According to the Chief Customer and commercial officer, there have been small positive signs, such as the ban on travel uplift slowly and HKIA beginning to ease, still, the future is very uncertain.

cathay pacific airline start air service from hong kong

The airline announced that it would be rescheduling a number of flights and increasing their flight routes. Approximately, four aircraft per week from Hong Kong to Los Angeles, Vancouver, Sydney, and London. The fights which schedule three times a week are Melbourne, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Singapore.


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