10 Salient Things to Know Before Visiting Hong Kong
10 Salient Things to Know Before Visiting Hong Kong

10 Salient Things to Know Before Visiting Hong Kong

Know the country and its rules, fill your pockets with money, and enjoy the wonderful activities! 

Hong Kong, being one of the fascinating cities in Asia, has a very complicated culture. Some people considered it as a congregation of expats, while others believe that it is a blend of traditional and modern culture. 

There are a lot of expectations connected with people when visiting Hong Kong. The place has wonderful experiences to explore, such as discovering beautiful islands, high-end restaurants, scrumptious food, and incredible landmarks.  

To really enjoy your Hong Kong travel, you must be aware of the local culture and some important tips for creating positive memories from your trip.   

While you are planning to visit Hong Kong, here are the top 10 things that you need to consider. 

1.Know about the Country Basics 

The relation between China and Hong Kong is sensitive. Hong Kong was earlier ruled by British dynasty till 1997. And after that, a stipulation was settled that established ‘one country, two systems’ rule for the next 50 years. Currently, Hong Kong is a SAR (System Administrative Region) of China that will remain until 2047.   

Even though this history has nothing to do with your trip, however, it is the most common topic that seems to be discussed by most of the people, even the taxi drivers. Their native language is Cantonese, and most Hongkongers are identified as Cantonese rather than Chinese. 

2.Take Care of the Climate 

Hong Kong is a multi-seasonal country. So, pack according to the time you are traveling. Summers are scorching to explore the local streets, whereas in winters it is freezing outside. So, get the layers of clothes as per the season you are traveling. Even spring is a good time, but you’d need to carry an umbrella all the time if you don’t like to be clammy. The best time for visiting Hong Kong is fall (between October to November) when the sun is out, and you’ll feel charmed all around. 

3. Have an Octopus Card 

It’s 2020, and all you need now for quick purchases in Hong Kong is an Octopus Card. It is one of the handiest things you should buy. Octopus cards are readily available at most of the convenience stores, MTR stations, and Airport.   

Have an Octopus Card

Get it at a deposit of HK$50 which is paid back once when you return the card. These plastic cards could be used for all kind of purchases, riding fares and most restaurants but not in taxis. In case you have another plan to revisit the country, then you can keep this card for your next Hong Kong travel. 

4. You’ll Need A Lot of Cash 

Even if you have an Octopus card, yet many places do not accept cards. While most restaurants and malls accept credit cards, still some corners take cash only. It could be a trouble in case you went to a café that doesn’t accept any card. Also, taxi drivers take cash only. However, there are ATMs of international banks from where you can get money quickly. Moreover, Hong Kong is a bit expensive in terms of travel, so make sure to have enough deposit in your bank account (more than your estimated budget). 

5. Think out of Central 

Hong Kong Central and Tsim Sha Tsui are primary travel locations for most of the tourists. While there are plenty of places to hang out, still there is a lot to explore out of Central. After visiting the famous malls and museums, head on to other islands in Hong Kong.  

Think out of Central hong kong

You can start by exploring nearby places such as Kowloon city and Sham Shui Po. Experience the fine dining at a waterfront restaurant to add more cheerfulness to your trip. However, Tsim Sha Tsui is the best place to stay and has many options in cheap hotels in Hong Kong

6.Travel in MTR 

The metro system in the country is the affordable and amusing option to Hong Kong travel. It is fun to move in MTR offering efficiency, cleanliness, and speed. You can reach from one Hong Kong island to others within just half an hour. Trains in the daytime run every three minutes, so you don’t need to waste time. On the other hand, taxis are pricey and takes a lot of time in navigation due to rushed roads. These metro trains are reasonably priced, and you can use Octopus cards for paying at fares quickly.    

7. Wander through other islands 

Wander through other islands hong kong

Most people relate to Hong Kong with its crammed streets and skyscraping. However, there are a flock of beautiful islands to visit. Explore the best beaches in Hong Kong located at remote locations. Lantau and Lamma islands are most famous among all for a fantastic day out. There are several cafes and markets to consider while visiting Hong Kong islands. There are fishing village and outdoor restaurants in Lamma Island, Tai O market and Trappist Monastery in Lantau Island. 

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8. Eat A Lot 

There are two essential things to do in Hong Kong – eating and moving. While exploring the various tourist spots, don’t miss out the famous Cantonese food. There is an astonishing variety of food in Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Italian cuisine to try out in Hong Kong.   

If you are a foodie, try out at the dumplings and buffets. Explore the delicious street food of the country and enjoy a memorable dinner at a high-end restaurant.  

9. Shop at streets rather than harbor city 

shop at streets rather than harbor city

Instead of burning your pocket at expensive malls in harbor city, go for your shopping in street markets. Mong Kok, Causeway Bay, Hollywood Road and Cat Street Bazaar are some of the most famous shopping places where you can buy brands at very reasonable prices. There is a Ladies Market in Mong Kok that offers a lot for women including apparels, accessories, stylish handbags, and footwear etc.  

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10. Learn the local words 

Although Chinese and English are official languages of Hong Kong, yet you’ll find a maximum number of people speaking Cantonese. Apparently, it’s a complicated language that cannot be learnt quickly, however, learn some basic words of the local language before visiting Hong Kong. So, here are some basic Cantonese words to use for greeting people: 

  • Mm-Goi – Thank you (Sometimes used for Excuse Me) 
  • Ho-HSick – Yummy 
  • JoeSan – Good Morning 
  • Joy-Gee-N – Goodbye 
  • Jeng – Awesome or delicious 
  • gay-do-chin – How Much (used while shopping) 
  • Chan-Pie – Menu (used in restaurants) 

That’s all with the important things that you should consider while visiting Hong Kong. If you need to book a cheap hotel in Hong Kong, we can help you with that. Have a happy journey! 


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