A Perfect Guide to Explore Hong Kong in Christmas
CHRISTMAS IN HONG KONG! A Time of Celebration

CHRISTMAS IN HONG KONG! A Time of Celebration

A Perfect Guide to Explore Hong Kong in Christmas

The most wonderful time of the year is Christmas and New Year where people open-heartedly, celebrate their happiness and enjoy the occasion. The holiday season will be worth significant and momentous so, eat, drink, shop, and enjoy the small moments of life. Though at the time of Christmas there is a lack of snow in Hong Kong but the weather is very pleasant and jolly.  The whole public is decked up in celebration mode.

There are many local schools that run carnivals with game zones, food items and to sell many hand made craft items.

CHRISTMAS IN HONG KONG! A Time of Celebration

Hong Kong people love to celebrate Christmas in a grand way. A big festival celebrated in the whole of Asia. Hong Kong deserves to be number one to celebrate its New Year and Christmas.

There will be two days of public holidays and people enjoy most of it.

Let’s read out some of the major things to do in Christmas time. Enjoy this year’s Merry Christmas in Hong Kong.

Be the witness of Winter Fest

WinterFest is organized by Hong Kong Tourism Board at statue square to attract tourists and natives. It was started around 18 years back and till now working successfully and productively. The Hong Kong Tourism Board decorated all the streets, buildings with colorful lights and many other attractive items.

Be the witness of Winter Fest in christmas hong kong

The main attraction of the WinterFest is a huge towering Christmas tree. Surprisingly, Winter Fest runs the whole month of December. Christmas carols are in the air every time. On the New Year night the symphony of lights and fireworks displays. An iconic scene to be watched. The night seems to be filled with bright sparkly lights. The entry is free here. So, come and enjoy the most of it.

Captivating Hong Kong Pulse 3D light show

Captivating Hong Kong Pulse 3D light show every year in chirstmas hong kong

As a part of WinterFest Hong Kongers and tourists can enjoy a spectacular 3D audio visual light show at the Kowloon Harbourfront. There was beautiful lightning on all the buildings placed in Tsim Sha Tsui. Enjoy here truly magical moments with mesmerizing and spectacular views. The breathtaking atmosphere will fill your soul with light. The high tech laser which displays around the plaza and adjoining buildings gives you a rocking experience. It is astonishing. It is much more famous than the Symphony of Lights.

Fun & Shopping in Mongkok

Fun & Shopping in Mongkok

Wow! Shopping, everyone loves it. At Mongkok the vibrant streets are filled with endless stuff like gadgets, toys, and goldfish, branded bags, sneakers, clothes and many more. This market will definitely attract you and without any second thought, shopping will become essential for you. Here you will explore some locally hand made craft and home decoration items. For its tourists, there are many unique shops of souvenirs that you can buy for your friends and family members. 

Exploring Noah’s Ark

A perfect place for fun. Stroll here the Old Testament which is a giant replica.

At Noah’s Ark you will explore native performances, amazing circus acts, mime of some great actors and of course comedy sequences. Kids can love the happy Santa Claus village which is filled with some charismatic themes.

exploring noah’s ark in christmas hong kong

One more adventure is that you can participate in a bear marathon in which you have to complete the building with bears. Last but not the least sushi bears cooking classes, a complete package of fun and entertainment.

To enjoy all these happy moments, you can easily get transport from Hong Kong Island, Kowloon.

The big Stanley Plaza Christmas Market

Along with seaside the Stanley market is one of the biggest Christmas markets in Hong Kong and known as the award-winning Waterfront market.  Every time the market does diverse and unique themes which really takes your heart away.

The big Stanley Plaza Christmas Market

Last year the theme was named as “Christmas Happy Chemistry”. The market is filled with authentic Hong Kong delicacies, amazing wines, ultimate local performances and the list just start from here. The Christmas market is packed with many more extravaganzas. The simple way to reach Stanley market is by bus which is more frequent and convenient. 

Hong Kong Disneyland

Everything is lightened up along with Hong Kong Disneyland. It is one of the magical places to drench in Christmas time. The Mickey Mouse and the gang are ready to welcome you all. The spectacular musical journey is worth watching under twinkling lights and snow-covered trees.

Carols are playing all around the air. You will get allured to see the “A Magical Twilight Snowfall”. Get mesmerized with a gigantic Christmas tree, traditional dance and glittering lights.  Here you can say that a fulfilled journey of Christmas.

Hong Kong Disneyland in christmas

Tip: If you are planning to celebrate Christmas in Hong Kong make sure you will stay near to Hong Kong Island where you will visit these places easily and we are suggesting you accommodate at Days Hotel which is a budget hotel with all luxuries.

If you are curious to know about what to do next after Christmas (which does not end here, people start celebration from Christmas to New Year)till  New year then continue to read our next article which will be Celebration of New year in Hong Kong.


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