Hong Kong Hotels Offered Quarantine Packages Those Who are Returning
Hong Kong Hotels Offered Quarantine Packages for Those Who are Returning

Hong Kong Hotels Offered Quarantine Packages for Those Who are Returning

After the Corona virus outbreak, The Tourism hits a full stop and Hong Kong hotels faced a great fall. Now when the things are getting better and people have got aware with the safety concerns, the tourism have started again. Although the count of tourists is very low, yet expatriates are coming back to the country. 

hotel Quarantine Packages in hong kong

However, maintaining social distancing in Hong Kong is a huge challenge. Having a population of millions living in small flats, the concern of being devasting due to corona virus has raised. After allowing the foreign workers to return Hong Kong, it is estimated that thousands of citizens would come back in upcoming months.   

Putting these expats in homes and flats could be fearful as it put other flat mates and society people at risk. Moreover, they are afraid that returning to their flats could be risky for their family members too. But obviously, the one who returned would seek for a safe and comfortable accommodation.  

Thus, the government made it mandatory to be self-isolated for at least 14-days after returning to ensure the safety of other citizens. 

Some Crucial Points to Consider

Some Crucial Points to Consider: 

For those who are coming to Hong Kong, there are some guidelines introduced by the government that needs to be followed: 

  • Medical experts stated that the expats should test negative for Corona Virus before coming here. And they should also be tested after arriving Hong Kong. 
  • The Hong Kong residents could shift to their home but are not allowed to go out and meet anyone. 
  • To reduce the risk of infection, domestic workers needs to wear masks, maintain social distance, and use a separate bathroom. 
  • The house workers should stay isolated for two weeks after their arrival and should not work with local residents. 
  • It is the responsibility of employers to provide accommodation to their workers either in hotels or quarantine centers. 

Hong Kong hotels arranged to create isolation rooms for a comfortable quarantine period. People are opting for cheap and budget hotels in Hong Kong, as staying in high-end luxury hotels would be a costlier deal. Even though staying in a hotel room for 14-day seems insane, but it is better to be safe than sorry later. 

Days Hotel is one of the best budget hotels in Hong Kong. Packages for 14-day quarantine rooms have been released by us which includes: 

  • 50% OFF on actual booking prices for all the rooms.  
  • Free Wi-fi access 
  • You can get breakfast from the hotel or order your meal to hotel room. 
  • Offer is valid till September 2020. 

Book your room now to avoid missing chance of huge savings! 


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