How to celebrate New Year in Hong Kong with “A Symphony of Lights”?
How to celebrate New Year in Hong Kong with “A Symphony of Lights”?

How to celebrate New Year in Hong Kong with “A Symphony of Lights”?

A sneak peek of Hong Kong’s best Light Show.  The world-famous Light show at Victoria Harbor.    

A symphony of the light show is a daily based light and sound show in Hong Kong. According to “Gunnies World Records” it is the world’s largest permanent light and sound show which performs every day at 8 pm. The breath-taking multimedia show, a combination of light and music which involves 19 buildings in Hong Kong Island. The frontage of the skyscrapers is decorating in lights, just at the click of one switch.    

A sneak peek of Hong Kong’s best Light Show. The world-famous Light show new year at Victoria Harbor hong kong,

 The scene is depicting a colorful and mesmerizing atmosphere. If you are planning your New Year this time then the Hong Kong’s Light show is the best and memorable experience for you.    

Some Best Location to View Symphony of Light   

Some best location to view Symphony of light hong kong on new year

This laser show takes place on both sides of Victoria Harbour, it’s a perfect view to watch the symphony of lights. We suggest you to stay near Victoria Harbour because the laser and light show also Visible from the top of the nearby hotels which play an important role in your trip. The show’s music is harmonized with special kind of beats. For that, you are advised to download the app to enjoy the most of it.   

Enjoy from Waterfront adjacent with Victoria Harbour  

Victoria Harbour has a huge building that takes part in the laser show and you can enjoy From both of the sides. If you are staying at Tsim Sha Sui then stay at Days Hotel which is located in Kowloon city. Days Hotel is close to this beautiful view and a budget hotel. On the other hand, you can explore the Hong Kong Art Museum and clock Tower near to Hong Kong Island. The perfect location to watch this iconic view is from Golden Bauhinia Square.  Here you can imagine the night is full of colorful lights. Some drinks, good food, loved ones and this mesmerizing view what else you need for a perfect New Year Night! 

Enjoy from Waterfront adjacent with Victoria Harbour

Hong Kong Island is full of its huge sky-touching buildings. Thus, if you want to capture the best view in your camera then the Tsim Sha Tsui is worthwhile. The Tsim Sha Tsui  Promenade is at the Kowloon Peninsula where Victoria Harbour is approachable. TST Promenade is very long and spacious and everyone enjoys it. Be sure to book your tickets in advance. A new year night in Middle of water and open-air, just to celebrate the beginning of the new year.  TST Promenade is adjacent to Star Ferry Terminal. If you are lucky to grab the tickets then enjoy this wonderful cruise. Make sure to book it prior to enjoy your special night.  

On a special occasion, like New Year, there are Additional Pyrotechnic Displays along with the symphony of lights.   

Watching Symphony of Lights in Chinese Junk Boats 

Harbour Tour is a perfect way to enjoy both sides view of Victoria Harbour. You can watch this view from Ferries and traditional Chinese boats. 

Watching Symphony of Lights in Chinese Junk boats

A very close view to be captured. The advantage is that these boats are less crowded. You can easily spend your precious time here. Now, I am advising you a few names of ferries and traditional boats, which you can easily hop on, remember you have to buy the tickets prior.  

Duk Ling 

Star Ferry 

Aqua Luna 

Victoria Harbour 

Harbour Cruise 

Download the App “A Symphony of Lights” 

The great idea to watch the symphony of lights is from rooftop bars and from hotel rooms. As you know it’s a light and sound show, watching only lights cannot entertain you. While watching the show from Hotel room, it feels incomplete and boring.  

Download the App “A Symphony of Lights”

To get the synchronized music you are advised here to download the application of Symphony of Lights. This app is available in the google app store and Apple. While watching the show you can play music from your phone. It has ‘LIVE SYNC’ function also. The advantage of watching the show from your hotel room is very easy with App and you will be definitely in your comfort zone and not in a crowded place. 

A look from The Peak Hong Kong 

A look from The Peak Hong Kong

From the peak, you can explore Victoria Harbour and The Hong Kong city. It’s the best idea to view the Laser show. But keep this in mind that The Peak is usually crowded. I recommend you not visit this crowded place if you are with your kids.   

Updated Version of Symphony of Lights 

Besides the old lights, the Hong Kong Tourism Board modernizes the lights with LED Lights which are much sharper and more attractive. These lights definitely take your heart away.  

Updated Version of Symphony of Lights

If the lights get updated, Same with music. Earlier, the show is based on five themes which were “Energy”, “Heritage”, “Awakening, “Celebration” and “Partnership”. Each theme as unique aspect and shows the Hong Kong culture, traditions, Power, Diversity and History. The new program is recorded and mixed with Chinese Contemporary music.   

An amazing way to represent Hong Kong’s beauty.  

The way to watch Symphony of Lights 

If you are a tourist or a native and decide to watch this great show then Tsim Sha Tsui  Promenade is the easy way to reach there. You can choose MTR or Star Ferry. The local buses and trams are also available to reach there. These transports are very much pocket friendly.  

The way to watch Symphony of Lights

To conclude the article, here are a few suggestions for you. On the way to the Laser show, you will find many hotels, restaurants and local stalls are decked up with a huge variety of local seafood, Thai Food, Chinese food, and Vietnamese food. Enjoy your New Year night with Symphony of Lights with Hong Kong’s amazing food. On top of that the Hong Kong Tourism Board arrange some special arrangements for the tourist and for their local people. Enjoy this show and make memories.  


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