Which Country is Better For Travel, Singapore or Hong Kong
Which Country is Better For Travel, Singapore or Hong Kong?

Which Country is Better For Travel, Singapore or Hong Kong?

Hong Kong or Singapore? The question that strikes the mind of most of us when we plan our travel.

Travel needs to be planned on a lot of factors such as budget, sightseeing, travel experiences, food, and a lot more. Based on all the important points, the answer for best one is Hong Kong.

Now, you might be eager to know WHY Hong Kong is a better place to visit than Singapore.

So, let’s dive into the article to know about your WHY!

For transport: Hong Kong has the world’s best public transportation. Compare to others the Hong kong transports are much Cheaper,  If we see hygienically they are much clean and efficient to travel. I am sure you will love to travel to Hongkong,  Ferries, buses, trams, and the subway is all well associated and serves just about the whole region. That defines, Singapore is certainly no droop in the transport department.  and it is also very easy to get around and enjoy the trip.

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For sights seeing: Hong Kong is packed with full of sights seen like temples, museums, skyscrapers, and many more. The night markets, Buddha temples, and fishing villages of Hong Kong are very much alive. For this big reason where Hong Kong really blows Singapore away. You can easily find a budget hotel in Hong Kong. Well, I suggest you here do your shopping, enjoy the sightseeing and choose a cheap hotel in Hong Kong which offers you many more services.

The blending of the traditional with the modern in Hong Kong makes for a powerful combination, and of course, the city has a far richer history to be explored. But on the other side, Singapore’s sights can feel a little like a Disneyland.

Contrarily, Singapore has done more about preserving its pioneering ancestry in recent years.  While watching Singapore there is an excellent selection of British era views.

It seems that you will definitely enjoy sightseeings of both the cities.

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For restaurants: Both cities are equally superb for various types of food, and you’ll find an endless selection of cuisine in either location. Amazingly, Hong Kong is home to some of the best Award-winning restaurant in Asia.

Hong Kong is very famous for its Vietnamese food. It is simply better here than anywhere else in the world. Hong Kongers mostly consider eating out a right, and the huge amount of  restaurants are exciting and heart-stopping. It’s estimated that there are more eating zones in Hong kong as per head than anywhere else in the world. Last but not least Hong Kong is famous for its Chinese, Thai, Cantonese cuisines. I can say that Hongkong is the food capital of the world.

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For kids: The major aspect of being better from Singapore is Hong Kong has the best tourist attraction which is Ocean Park and HongKong Disneyland. Kids love to see both the places which are filled with amazing themes and incredible creatures in Ocean Park. Singapore really can’t compete in Hong Kong here. Though Singapore does have better green open spaces for kid-friendly activities, Hong Kong is much more above than Singapore.

For shopping: Hong kong is undoubtedly number one in the names of Shopping. Isn’t it great?  Few cities in the world can rival Hong Kong when it comes to shopping, but certainly not Singapore.

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For the average shopper, Hong Kong has plenty to offer. Checkout its local street, traditional markets, full of multicolor jewelry, gadgets, clothes, and many more. Hong Kong is a paradise for shopaholics. Hong Kong is rich in multiplex malls and swanky boutiques you will love to shop here many branded stuff.

Here we will read about some of Singapore’s better aspects than Hong Kong.

Friendly: The Singaporeans are more polite and friendly, now this very controversial.  Although they won’t ever be voted the world’s friendliest nation, the difference between Singapore and Hong Kong is noticeable. Hong Kongers are little businesslike.

Language: Singaporeans also speak better English than Hongkongers. Despite Hong Kong being British-owned up until 1997, the level of spoken English in the city has decreased considerably. Singaporeans are much better, with English widely spoken.

Environment: Singapore is very much the town garden, you can see the garden everywhere as compared to Hong Kong’s urban jungle. Parks are everywhere in Singapore and the city feels less crowded. That said, Hong Kong outdoes Singapore for hiking and walking outside the city.

The bottom line is Singapore is an excellent city in its own terms but just can’t stand up to Hong Kong. Hong Kong is simply bigger and brighter, and, for most people, better. Next time when you visit Hong kong do visit at Days Hotel which located in Tsim Sha Tsui the heart of HongKong. For more details visit at


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